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5 Best Wedding Photobooth Ideas for Vintage Style Weddings

Vintage Style Wedding Photobooth Ideas

Photobooths are fun additions to weddings and all kinds of events. Also, photobooths are the best way to make your wedding glamorous and keep your guests engaged. Selecting wedding photobooths as per your wedding theme is important, as it will allow you to get your desired wedding photos. If you are planning to throw a vintage style wedding party, then you need to select some of the unique and classy wedding photobooths to match with the theme.

Best Photobooth Ideas for Vintage Style Wedding

Given below are some of the finest photobooth ideas for vintage style wedding:

1. Retro Van Photobooth

Retro Van Photobooth

This is one of the classiest wedding booth ideas. If you have a retro van or know someone who owns it, then you can bring it for your special day and opt for hiring wedding photobooth providers to get the appropriate vintage photobooth for the retro van. This is perfect for outdoor weddings.

2. Hanging Props from Tress

This type of wedding photobooth for hire in Melbourne allows getting potential backgrounds as well as frames, which allow people to use them one by one or simultaneously. There will be frames hanging from the trees, which you can use for clicking photos as per your preference. Hence, with this unique and classic booth idea, you can discard the non-moveable photobooth. Besides, you can choose the props that will go best with your vintage wedding theme.

3. Chalkboard

A chalkboard is a simple and cheap photobooth for hire in Melbourne. You can make the design interesting by adding interesting lines, or you can keep it simple with minimum texts. This photo booth idea puts texture and works amazing for vintage style weddings. Moreover, by adding this photobooth to your wedding, you can allow guests to write their own text with chalks.

4. Classic Photobooth

Classic Photobooth

Classic photobooths are the best for vintage wedding party themes. This photobooth idea is a compact one, which keeps everything together. This booth consists of seats and has a curtain. Having it in your wedding party will allow all your guests to use it during their leisure.

5. Curtain Photobooth

If you want a simple yet classic photo booth, then you can opt for a curtain photo booth. This type of booth gives privacy for the couples who require. It has been evident that many people do not like to photograph them in front of the growing crowd. Hence, if you are one of them or you have such category of people in your guest list, then you can opt for this type of photobooth. However, make sure to match the curtains as well as the decorations on the curtains with your vintage wedding theme.

Therefore, these are some of the unique photobooth ideas for vintage style weddings. Also, you can get all the above-mentioned photobooths from a certified company providing photo booths for hire near your area.

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