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Some Ripper Wedding Photobooth Backdrop Ideas That Will Work

Standup Board

Weddings are occasions to have a blast – by all means! It’s a D-day for the couples, and hence, they remain on cloud nine. It’s also a gala for the guests as well. They like to cherish the occasion by all means, and preserve those golden moments forever! It is this thought of the hosts and the invitees alike that has made the wedding photobooths the real ‘in-thing’ nowadays!

 Why Photobooths – first of all?

There are so many plus points that these photobooths come up with. They create a perfect ambience for some impeccable photo sessions. With suitable props, state of the art technology to snap photos and ability to generate instant printouts, some out of the box backdrops and a professional approach, photobooth companies go a long way in making modern weddings something more than what they used to be – previously.

Well, photobooths have always been in the picture. However, with the advent of new technologies, photobooth companies have risen to the occasion, to offer some exhilarating service to their clients. This is why people at present hire wedding photobooth in Melbourne with more vigour than before.

Take, for instance, Daisy’s Photobooth. We come up with some innovative concepts to make sure the wedding ceremony of our clients reaches an altogether new height in terms of aesthetics. Here are some ripper ideas of backgrounds that will make your photo sessions even more thrilling.

The Good old Classic Tinge….

Well, this is an extremely trustworthy theme that will justify wedding photo sessions in a more exuberant way. Understandably, this genre of background will always add that classic look and feel. This vintage mood will make the sessions all the more romantic and alluring, adding an everlasting traditional feel that will stay forever.

In fact, when it comes to looking for themes for wedding photobooths, people turn to the classic theme more than anything else.

The Concept of Curtain…

The curtain background is another ripper of a concept that enjoys a considerable reputation.  This has extremely romantic and tender tinge, which goes with the mood of the wedding seamlessly. It creates a subtle, and at the same time, aristocratic mood and that makes this theme so apt for wedding photo booths.

Props Hanging from Trees…..

Well, this is one of those abstract forms of ambience that the modern couples are so fond of, these days. Firstly, this background breaks the barrier of limited dimension – limited length, breadth and width of the range, and secondly and more importantly, it adds an unfathomable depth to the photo, which can easily be interpreted by people in their respective ways.  The abstract tinge of this concept makes this concept so very special.

The Standup Board…

Standup Board

This is particularly popular in the case of wedding photobooths. Couples protruding their face through cutouts of the boards containing various drawings is always an exciting concept when it comes to preserving the moments.

While these are the most fascinating concepts of background to be used in wedding photobooths, some others include faux framed walls, Polaroid frames, speech bubbles, thematic backgrounds and the likes.

Once you put money on Daisy’s Photobooth for wedding photobooth packages, we come up with a wide repertoire of nice background concepts from our end. However, we are open enough to consider your concepts should you suggest anything to us. After all, our objective is to make the photobooth session as exciting as it can be!

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