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The Magic of Colour in Party Photo Booth – Single Coloured versus Multicoloured Setup

The Magic of Colour in Party Photo Booth – Single Coloured versus Multicoloured Setup

Party photobooths these days not just come with state of the art technology, but also with a wide gamut of value additions. They also come with various innovative forms and getup, which make them all the more enticing for the end-users. Now when we discuss the form and getup of these booths, one extremely important aspect is the colour that they come up with. Now as an end-user, you may opt for a booth with any single colour or one that comes with a riot of various colours. It all depends upon your aesthetic preference and the theme you set for the party. What is the basis of choice, when it comes to choosing either of the two options? Let us evaluate. 

Single Coloured Photobooths: 

Single-coloured photobooths generally lend excellent support to the thematic setups of parties. In other words, when you vouch for these single coloured booths, you need to ensure that they come up with a colour that either supports the theme you have set for the party, or it comes as a sharp contrast, which adds more visual splendour to the thematic setup of the party. Therefore, your planning can start in two ways – either you can set a colour and theme for your party and then opt to hire a party photobooth that matches the theme, or you can at first select a theme and colour for the booth and then tend to match the theme of the party with it. Both will work if they support each other. 

Single Coloured Photobooths

Now coming to the theme you set for the party and for the booth, they can be subtle as well as loud…depending upon your preference. If you want the party to be a modest and a low key one, you can opt for a subtle theme and look for a photobooth accordingly. If it’s a corporate party, or a party for a product launch, the theme of the booth should match the mood and the purpose of the event. 

Multi-coloured Photobooths: 

We at Daisy’s Photobooth come up with multi-coloured booths as well. If you do not have any definite theme for your party and you need it to be as loud as it can be, or if you like to perceive a riot of colours in the party, with all the razzmatazz and visual splendour that will keep your guests enthralled, a multi-coloured photobooth is the best that you can opt for. The visual splendour will make the guests feel all the more boisterous. And that will inject more life and gaiety to the enjoyment, which is all you would like to see. Thus, when you hire a party photobooth that is rich in colour, loud in exuberance, and exceptional in value addition, it adds a lot to the party. And with the liberty of going out of the box, you can add innovative lighting, inventive background, and some latest gadgetry, which will collectively support that multi-coloured theme of the booth. 

Multi-coloured Photobooths

Thus you see, both these types of party photobooths have their own USPs, adding more life to the party in their own way. We at Daisy’s Photobooth come up with both these types of booths, to serve you at the party in precisely the way you want. If you are looking to hire one, call us at 0421333080 within our office hours. 


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