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The Fundamentals of Choosing the Right Wedding Photobooth Background

Wedding Photobooth Hire Melbourne

You may have gone through a number of  pages that have bombarded you with an array of wedding photobooth background ideas, but have they discussed  the philosophy of choosing the right one? Have  they discussed the fundamentals of choosing the best background for your rental wedding photobooth in Melbourne? If not, then you are on the right page. On this page, let us discuss the points you need to keep in mind, while selecting the background for your wedding booth. This will ensure, you do not end up selecting the wrong background and the booth does not look like a fish out of the water!

Budget, Budget, and Budget

Photobooths come with a few standard accessories – the props, the lights, the printers et al, and they come with the package and hardly make any financial difference. It’s the background (and to some extent the props in some cases) that make a budgetary inflation in the package cost. Thus, while selecting the photobooth, you must opt for a  cheap photobooth hire service in Melbourne who does not burn your wallet for selecting a quality background.

Consider your Invitees

Every gathering speaks a definite language. You  have to have the ability to read it. It gives a double-advantage. One – you get an idea of the values you need to add to  your celebration to satisfy them, and two – you can decide on the type of background that you need to opt for. For instance, if the majority of our invitees are from the contemporary generation, there’s no harm in going for an out of the box, more vibrant background for your rental photobooth. On the other hand, if the crowd predominantly consists of not so youngs and elders, then going for a more sublime, traditional background will be a wiser step. In the case of a crowd having a mix and match of generations, then striking the right balance between traditional and contemporary style of backgrounds is the best option.

Striking the Right Match between the Theme and Background

The overall theme that you have set for your wedding party and the background you choose for the wedding photo booth you hire in Melbourne MUST go hand in hand, unless you opt for a deliberate contrast (even then there has to be a logic behind that contrast). Thus, you must take into account the mood of the theme. If it’s too vibrant, then you must opt for a background that is beaming with life and vibrancy. Or, if the theme is a minimalistic, sublime one, you must choose the background accordingly. Thus, when it comes to choosing the background, never ignore the ambience and the theme of the party itself. It will be a historic blunder!

Mind the Season

Ignoring the floral splendour altogether will be another mistake. Thus, take into account the season you are getting wed and choose the best seasonal bloom of the time to add some element of nature. For instance, if you are getting wed in September, you cannot ignore the dancing ladies, the asters, the anemones, and the corn flowers. Again, when you are getting wed in May, how can you ignore Arum Lilies, Tulips, Ming Ferns, Sea Hollies, Vanda Orchids, Dusty Miller Leaves and the likes? So, mind the season and the time’s floral bloom when you  hire a wedding photobooth in Melbourne and select its background – no matter how minimalist floral touch you would like to maintain.

Follow these gospels and your wedding photo booth will rock!


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