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Some Ripper Birthday Photobooth Ideas for Your ‘Man’ at 50

Photobooth Hire Melbourne

So you man is turning 50 next month! You must give him some surprise on his birthday. What about going for a gala birthday bash with one of those exhilarating photo booths that are available in the market? If you are in Melbourne, you will find a number of names, offering photo booth rental services. However, you must evaluate the photo booth that will fit in the mood and the theme of the occasion. So when you pick up a photobooth hire service in Melbourne, you must ensure that the booth fulfills your aspirations lives by the mood and the pulse of the occasion.

Choose the Colour Combination Wisely

When it comes to choosing the colour combination, there are so many aspects to think of. When you are celebrating the 50th birthday of an individual, you cannot expect the theme and the getup of the event to be as sizzling as that of a person in his 20s. But it does not have to be that dull either. Hence, there has to be the right balance in the colour combination and getup that will justify the occasion to the fullest. Now when you hire a photobooth, it has to follow the same dictum. There has to be a modest combination that will underline the style statement expected from an individual in his 50s. That will justify the event in the best way.

Opting for the Right Background

The Sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the background. While you cannot go for those out of this world sizzle with all the razzmatazz of the world, keeping in view the age factor, there is no harm in getting a control deviation from convention with some innovation in the background. You can opt for those customary birthday photobooth backgrounds available in Melbourne with innovative use of props and lights, or you can go for those customised latest crackles by going ‘green’, which highlight the maturity and social consciousness expected at this age.

Letting the Light Justify Your Occasion

Lights in photobooths play a pivotal role. They dictate the terms and create the ambience like nothing else. Thus, when it comes to coupling the photo booth with lighting innovations, you need to be conscious. While you cannot opt for those psychedelic sputters in lights, you cannot go that dull as well. Again, the arithmetic of balance comes into play with the right and balanced form of lighting and innovations, which will justify the occasion, its mood and the sentiment of your better half at 50. The lighting must underline the maturity and that will add to the vigour of the birthday photo booth you hire in Melbourne for your husband when he turns 50.

The Props

Last but not the least, let us look into the props. While there should be no restrictions in regards to props, they must justify the mood of the event and the photo booth along with its style and getup.

Thus you see, when you plan to hire a birthday photo booth in Melbourne, you need to keep all these factors in mind. Daisy’s Photobooth is the best to meet your needs. Call us at 0421333080.


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