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Some Popular Birthday Photo Booth Trends You Should Know

Birthday Photobooth Hire

We consider the hiring of a birthday photo booth as a very good decision since the guests in the event can spend quality time with one another clicking photos. Moreover, at present, birthday photo booths can be customised according to your needs. So, today we will focus on some of the recent popular trends in birthday photo booths.

  1. Adhering to the Theme

Earlier, the photo booths could not be customised and hence they did not adhere to the theme. But at present, if you approach a reputed company that provides a birthday photobooth for hire, it can provide you with photo booths that will match the theme of the party.

For example, if the birthday is a superhero or fairy tale themed one, the company will provide you with props and decorative elements that reflect the theme.

  1. High-Quality Props

Gone are the days when companies used to provide you with poorly crafted props. The modern trend is not just using high-quality customisable props. Just like the other decorative items, these props will match the theme of the birthday party. However, since these are premium props, they look way better than the normal props that were used in almost and every photo booths.

Thus, photos with the props of your choice are the new trend and to get this feature, you should contact a reputed photo booth company.

  1. High-Quality Photos

In the age of the digital revolution, people are breaking the convention of getting printed photos (though they are not yet out of style). The birthday photo booth trend at present is clicking high-definition digital photos that can be uploaded to social media. For this, the companies providing birthday party photobooth for hire are implementing new technologies that are making it possible to get these photos clicked in a jiffy.

Additionally, since the photos are in digital format, they can be easily carried by a storage device or can be sent via e-mail.

  1. Quick Photobooth Setup

Speed is the new trend and it applies to not just clicking and editing the photos or the usage of customised props, but to the photo booth setup as well.

Today, whenever you hire a photo booth for your birthday, the professionals will arrive at your location and set it up quickly. In this way, you can avoid a variety of last-minute problems.

  1. Newer Technologies

The good thing is, with the advent of newer technologies, a company that provides affordable photo booth for hire will provide you with the option to apply your name or logo on the photo strip and add different types of effects as is the new trend. Though these effects apply to digital photos, modern technologies are making customisations possible for printed photos as well.

  1. Mobile Photographers

To date, photographers only clicked photos inside the photo booths. But the recent trend is breaking the convention! Now, photographers can even get outside the photo booth and click photos anywhere on the venue should you ask them to.

What we have talked about here are some of the ‘basic’ trends. We have not delved into the ‘design trends’ for birthday photo booths but we will do so in another blog.

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