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Reasons Why A Photobooth is Must For Your Office X-mas Shindig

Photobooth for office x-mas

Suppose, if the lady from Sales does something ludicrous yet hilarious, but there is no photobooth present to capture her antics, DID IT REALLY HAPPEN?”   

(You get the point…!) 

X-mas- the most joyous and magical time of the year is fast approaching. And just like every year; it is your responsibility to gather up as many helping hands as you can and kick start the decorations. But there’s so much to do, and SO LITTLE TIME!

Daisy’s Photoboothsays, CHILL OUT! Being your reliable provider for budgeted photo booth packages in Melbourne; we comprehend how much work you have to do. To help ease your burden; we offer you fantastic photobooth arrangements with lots of amazing props and desired backdrops to meet your ultimate celebration demands.

Photobooths Are ‘In-Vogue’ & A Must For Every Party

It’s not what we believe! It’s what we have understood serving so many clients over the years. Many of them even stating that it’s one way to take your party from ‘Fun To Fantastic.’

  • They help you deal with the silly seasonal stress, which starts a month before and leads up to the X-mas celebration.
  • It allows you to bring employees from different department together for chit-chat, drink, laugh and POSE.
  • It allows you to spread the X-mas cheer and create a merrier working environment.

Most Importantly- “It allows your soiree to go down in your office party history books with all the fun and merry good times they had.” 

Fortunately for you; our party photobooths are a party itself- presenting your workers something fun and entertaining right from the time the action begins. However, don’t say we didn’t warn you- as things tend to get sillier as the celebration goes on.

Office x-mas party

The Celebration Begins As Soon As Our Party booths Arrive 

  • You can expect unlimited GIFs, double prints, premium props, photo personalisation (with logo)- 6 filter options and scope to click as many pics as you want from start to finish. We will also create awesome custom overlays and live-view experiences to ensure your snaps look great and are perfectly tailored to your business’s vibe.

We will also send our friendly and cordial attendants to ensure the whole event runs smoothly and every single member revels in one the best time of their lives.

  • Our photobooth arrangements are also spacious and can fit in so many faces. And since the whole point of the X-mas celebration is bringing everyone together; respective groups can loosen up and go for hilarious group shots.

In this way; you can make them bond with one another. Our attendants will ensure 100% user satisfaction, by providing professional lights, props, augmented reality, height-adjustable feature and easy sharing.

  • Speaking of image sharing- our fun-filled photobooth packages also allow you to take full advantage of branding opportunities. You can boost up your business brand with custom designs as per your liking. From branded watermarks, custom backdrops and photo strips; everyone will be adding, sharing and tagging their snaps on their social media accounts as well as their business social profiles.

Safe to say; your Social Media Executive will have a litany of amazing content featuring the entire team with their goofy cheers and loony poses to share with the world and say MERRY X-MAS.

  • LASTLY- If you’ve always suspected that your BOSS has a cool side underneath her/his stern armoury, our photobooth packages will definitely help to reveal it.

Now that you are 90% convinced (alright, let’s say 95%), don’t miss the opportunity to give your employees the greatest arrangement this X-mas. Our party photobooth hire in Melbourne ranges from 2-hour packages to 5-hour arrangements.

Feel free to call us @ 0421333080 and make your arrangements!

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