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Points to Help You Avoid Problems When Hiring a Birthday Photo Booth

Points to Help You Avoid Problems When Hiring a Birthday Photo Booth

Hiring a photo booth for your birthday will not be a huge problem since it just takes a phone call. After that, everything will be set up by the professionals at the place of the event. But if you don’t discuss certain things or take a few points into account, you can quickly run into issues that can be difficult to solve.

These include budget problems, setup issues, the photo booth malfunctioning during the event and so on and so forth. However, avoiding them is easy. You will need to follow a few points which we will discuss here today. So, if you are in Melbourne and planning to include a birthday photo booth, go through what we have discussed here.

Types of Photo Booths Available  

The aim of including a photo booth is to provide them with an option to get their photos clicked and printed so that they can preserve them as memories. But if you would like to make the photo sessions memorable, you will need to choose a good photo booth. For that, discuss the types of setups that are being offered by the company providing the birthday photo booth for hire.

Some companies might provide the enclosed one as usual whereas some might offer open booths as well. Then, you will need to choose the one that you think will provide a more enjoyable experience for the guests.

Time to Setup the Photo Booth

Setting up the photo booth in the birthday event location might take some time. So, the professionals setting them up will need to reach the location a few hours before the starting of the event and start the assembling of the systems. Therefore, ask the provider regarding the setup before hiring because if the technicians arrive late, setting up the process during the event will not only be embarrassing but can be considered unprofessional as well.

Props and Other Included Technologies

Most of the reputed companies providing Melbourne birthday photo booths include props and different technologies that might vary according to the budget. But if you need require any or a few technologies such as unlimited photos, social media-ready pictures, filters to enhance the pictures, etc., better discuss them before hiring. Else, if the provider does not include them, your investment might go to waste.

Photo Booth Packages

Similar to that of the technologies included, you will need to consider the packages that are being provided by the photo booth rental company.

Naturally, these packages will vary from company to company and on the things that you would like to be included. But if you are on a tight budget, better ask about the packages and what’s included. Besides, you should also ask whether they include extra charges for a specific service.

Gathering information on these points will help you to plan your budget better.

Photo Booth Supervision

During the event, if the photo booth goes down, it will create an unpleasant experience for your guests. For example, if the camera stops working or if the lights are blown, clicking the photos will not be possible. So, a photo booth requires continuous supervision.

Therefore, this is another important point you will need to consider. You have to ask the company providing a photobooth for hire in Melbourne whether they will be including a supervisor who can quickly fix these types of problems.

Hire Birthday Photo Booths at Attractive Prices

Daisy’s Photobooth is one of the leading providers of birthday, wedding and miscellaneous event photo booths. Therefore, if you would like to hire a photo booth in Melbourne, call us and we might provide you with a special offer. But if you have queries regarding our photo booth services, visit our website and click the ‘Enquire Now’ button at the top right and fill up the form with the details.

After receiving it, we will get back to you and solve them patiently.


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