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How to Decorate a Party Photo Booth for Annual Office Events?

Photobooth Hire Melbourne

As per the experts, the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating a party photo booth. In fact, even if you hire the best party photo booth from a renowned photo booth hire company like us, unless you decorate it in a proper way, your investment is never fully justified. However, one good advantage of hiring the booth from a renowned company is that the experts of the company will go all the way to provide you with ideas about decorating a party photo booth.

Opting for the Right Background

Well, this is the very first step to take, when you hire a party photo booth in Melbourne, for your corporate event. Firstly, the background you choose should match the theme of the event you have chosen. If you have planned the party to launch any product or service, it is better for the background to be something that will promote that product or service. If the party is all about hosting any R & R event or an annual event for your company, the background must back the event. Whatever background you choose, it must represent the party in every possible way. In fact, it is the very first step you take to decorate the photo booth.

Choosing the Right Lights

Then, it is the turn to choose the right lights to decorate the booth. If it’s a corporate event, you cannot go for a low key lighting setup. The lighting has to be appropriate, with proper angle and proper distance maintained, the right bouncers and reflectors used, the illumination during the photo shoot goes a long way to create the right ambience and the right décor for the photo booth.

Choosing the Right Props

When it comes to selecting the props when you hire a party photo booth, you need to opt for the right props. In case of these corporate events, the props have to be fitting, from the point of view of look and feel. Too much sizzling props are strict NO-NO. They must be decent and must support the theme of the event, and the purpose of the same. However, that does mean that they must be low key ones, but there has to be a right balance, which will underline the purpose of the event in the best way.

Other Accessories

While these may not be the booth decors, strictly speaking, but without them, the very purpose of hiring the photo booth will go ashtray. They include the best printers that have the competency of generating the best print outs, the ability to connect to the social media platforms, which will help share the images clicked. And of course, there are other accessories like frames and memory script books and others, which make the photo booth all the more fruitful and enjoyable for your invitees at the event.

Thus, to make the fullest use of the  photo booth, you need to get in touch with the best hire company that will not only hire out the best booth but will help you decorate it with the right things and in the right way. What better name can you opt for than Daisy’s Photobooth? Call us at 0421333080  for further details.


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