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How Do Professionals Set Up Party Photo Booths in Event Locations?

Party Photobooth Hire

A party photo booth or any booth needs to be set up first by technicians. After that, they test the equipment and other items before they give the go-ahead for its usage. Now, if you are curious about how the setup is being done by the professionals, this is the discussion that you need to go through. And after that, if you are in Melbourne and planning to hire a party photo booth, for instance, you can ask installation related questions to your preferred provider based on this discussion, before hiring the service.

Without further ado, let’s catch up with the steps that are followed during the installation process.

Finding the Right Spot

The first step that technicians employed in the company providing party photo booths for hire follow is to find a good spot in the event location that can be easily accessible to the guests.

This applies to both open and enclosed photo booths. But along with this, technicians also look for power outlets necessary to keep devices in the photo booth such as lights, the camera, printers, etc. running. Thus, they will install the booth nearer to these outlets since the setup process becomes more convenient.

Setting Up the Frames and Enclosures

After determining the best spot for setting up the photo booth, the technicians will start the installation of the enclosures, especially if it’s a closed booth. However, if it’s an open one, they will skip this step. Following the same, the professionals will install the photo frame.

If it’s an open photo booth, the technicians will install the frame in a spot with enough space. But this option is limited in the case of an enclosed one.

Set Up the Background

Before going for a party photo booth for hire in Melbourne, make sure the company provides attractive backdrops if it’s still using conventional technology that does not offer backdrop generation out of a green screen.

Depending on your choice, technicians will bring the backdrop and set it up adjacent to the frame so that crisp and clear pictures are obtained.

Setting the Camera

After installing the background, technicians will install the camera in front of the background and adjust its position in relation to the installed frame. Following this, they will partially calibrate the camera and test it after powering up the same.

The rest of the calibration will be done after installing the lights.

Light Installation

Whether it’s an open or an enclosed Melbourne party photo booth, installation of lights will be mandatory to make the photos look vibrant. So, they will strategically do so and after that, they will calibrate the camera depending on the lighting.

Props and Decorations

Generally, decorations are done on the outer surfaces of enclosed photo booths. Thus, if you are hiring a party photo booth with a closed space and want it to be decorated, the specialists will do so to make the photo booth look attractive.

So, these are a few steps that the professionals follow for the installation of photo booths at party events.

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