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Creative Ways in Which You Can Use a Birthday Photo Booth

Birthday Photo Booth

When you hire a birthday photo booth, there are a number of ways you can use it. It is obviously not limited to just using it as a platform or a domain to shoot photos, just because it is a ‘photo booth’ but for other things as well. Thus, when you are planning to host a birthday party you can easily opt for some innovative planning, to use your photo booth in a more awe-striking way.

Opting for Green Screen Magic 

Thanks to the advent of green screen technology, the birthday party reception that you have planned can reach a new aesthetic level altogether. The friends of your kid can pose for photographs surfing in tuxedos, or riding toy horses or maybe posing on a stage and performing in front of thousands of people. They can even travel alone, all around the world in 80 minutes, posing in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal or atop of the step pyramid of Giza or in Disneyland.

Lend a Red Carpet Experience for the Birthday kid 

You can give your kid a really memorable experience that can take the little soul on cloud nine but rolling out a red carpet, that leads from her room to the photo booth. It will give a top of the world feeling to your kid and what else can you expect as parents of your little one on his or her birthday. Surely, the glitter in your kid’s eyes will make the most of your investment that you have made to hire the birthday photobooth for the occasion.

Take, for instance, opting for a green screen and then matching it up with a red carpet. Then add up these two with suitable props for the other kids. Surely, it will result in an exhilarating ambience that every invitee will simply love and be fond of. You can actually help your little one feel like a star and a celeb.

Keep the Option of Personalised Massage Open 

This is another way of making the photobooth sessions exciting and innovative for the kids. You can opt for the latest photo booths that come up with the option of social media access, so that your kid’s friends can take their photos with personalised messages, and greetings so that they can store the photos in mementos. The parents can have photos of their kids uploaded on their respective social media platform accounts, to be appreciated by friends and accomplices.

Adding a Dress-up Box with the Booth 

This can be the ripper of an option that you can opt for. You can have an extra dress-up box near the booth, where the kids can dress up as their favourite comic strip characters, or the2 fairy tale characters that they watch on the TV shows. This will really make them excited, as superheroes and other on-screen characters are always major eye-catchers for the kids. Thus, dressing up like them and taking snaps is a ripper of an idea that will make them excited.

All you need to do is to book your photobooth in advance to avail of all these facilities for your kids and their friends on their birthday when you opt for a reputed photo booth hire company. What better name can you opt for than Daisy’s Photobooth? Call us early at 0421333080 to avail of the facilities.



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