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1st Marriage Anniversary and Photobooth Hire – An indomitable Timeless Bond

Marriage Anniversary Photobooth

Marriages are made in heaven – that’s what they say!! However, that is just the beginning of a wonderful journey of two souls – together! The story of that journey unfolds gradually, and the more the journey rolls on, new dimensions of life are unfurled, opening newer avenues of life to be ventured – together!

And as the first year of the journey of life ends, couples erupt in joy, and leave no stone unturned to celebrate the occasion in a grand style! Their thoughts remain fresh, the journey is still young, still booming with the memories of the start a year back, and still left untouched by the ups and downs of life! That’s why, they try newer things and in the process, hope to make differences, to make the first milestone of the journey as memorable as it can be.

This is where unique ideas come into play their respective roles in the celebration. In the modern photobooths that are in use these days, these couples get one of the most innovative ways of celebrating the occasion. As if to give their thoughts a fillip, the photobooth hire companies are coming out with new-gen booths, which are revolutionising the way anniversaries are celebrated. Take for instance, the case of Daisy’s Photobooth. We come up with innovative photobooth hire deals in Melbourne, which give the coupled the liberty of celebrating their first anniversaries in a gala way.

Photobooths Hire

But what actually makes these photo booths so special? Here are some reasons!

They give enough reasons to smile – from within! 

The couples after a year of journey together might be at the pink of their mood and glory, but the invitees might not be in a mood to join their gaiety! Why will they? They might very well be exasperated by  their respective woes. Well, they will turn out for the celebration upon being invited, but that does not add to the spirits anyway. They will do it superficially.

Here is where these photobooths make the difference. They bring in a raw and virgin tinge that creates a tremendous positive vibe in the psyche of the invitees. They suddenly discover the newer and untried ways to celebrate the occasion. That adds smile and brings in the true spirit, thus taking the party to an altogether newer heights.

They bring out the kid from within… 

There’s a bit of kid in everyone of us! Given the right chance, they will come out and take us back to our childhood days. That is what these photobooths are designed for. They would provide chances for photo sessions in the most innovative ways. The weird props, the fitting getup of the booths that justify the occasion, the ambience they create collectively add an elegance to the entire atmosphere that truly make the moment fittingly romantic, subtle, yet as enjoyable for the first marriage anniversary.

And the fact that people can hire photobooths at pocket-friendly prices make them all the more popular.

Indeed, this apart, when one hires a photobooth from a reputed company, it does become the focal point of the evening, with everything evolving around it, justifying the investment truly. This is where companies like us – Daisy’s Photobooth are so special.

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